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Our Services

With decades of experience providing critical support to offshore/onshore assets around the world, we have the capability to maintain safety and integrity whilst maximizing efficiencies for our customers. Our aim is to minimize cost, extend asset life and value, whilst maintaining safety first at all times.

ProtechPPS has a fleet of modern equipment supported by smart technologies and systems to ensure our customers receive a reliable and efficient service that can react to the changeable environment in which we work.

In addition to providing individual solutions to your problems, our multi-skilled technicians and our specialist engineering capability works across multiple services to provide integrated contracts which can solve person on board issues, reduce man hours and increase efficiencies.

Our Main Services Include;
  • Chemical Cleaning

  • N2 Leak Test

  • N2 & Helium Leak Testing

  • Joint Integrity, Flange Management

  • Pre- Commissioning Activities

  • Rotating Alignments

  • Charge Pump Seal Systems

  • Dynamic Commissioning And Start Up, And Stabilise Plant

  • Red Line Drawings From Line Walk

  • Steam Blowing

  • Air Blowing

  • N2 Purging

  • Oil Flushing/Cleaning

  • Start Up Procedures

  • Qualified Isolation Authority

  • Valve Line Ups- Locked Open Closed Register

  • Safety Valve Calibration

  • Hydro-Testing

  • Vibration/ Condition Monitoring

  • Onsite Oil Analysing

  • Catalyst Loading

Flange Management

In recent years, the management of bolted flange connection has been highlighted as a major factor in reducing leaks and fugitive emissions across various industries and infrastructure sites.

At ProTech PPS we provide professional flange management and joint integrity programs on both construction and maintenance projects across the energy and infrastructure sector.

“Leak Free” joints is unmatched and we offer our customers a leak free guarantee, meaning that if it does leak, we will fix it at our own cost.

An integral part to the successful management of bolted flange connections is the technical information that is provided to our technicians.

Nitrogen Purging & Leak Testing

We provide a range of nitrogen services including nitrogen purging and nitrogen/helium (N2/He) leak testing to production installations and pipelines offshore and to petrochemical, LNG, refining, power generation and process plants onshore.

Our scope of work includes; purging during shut down and maintenance programs, leak testing of new process plant and systems, system shut down, maintenance or modification. We also test run and start up of compressors ‘live simulation’ and commissioning of pipelines.

We are one of the leading companies for the provision of nitrogen helium testing and our fleet, which includes nitrogen convertors, single skids, split skids, pumps, tanks, testing equipment, vaporizers and other ancillary equipment, is one of the newest and largest in the industry.

All equipment is certified for both onshore and offshore operations and with the significant investment we have made in technology we believe reliability is our real differentiator, reducing risk of breakdown during critical path operations.

We supply latest technology handheld leak detection equipment which does not require A60 cabins (freeing up valuable deck space), reduces personnel requirements, improves safety and reduces cost and time without impacting on quality. Traditional mass-spectrometers can be also be supplied depending on requirement.

Hydro Testing

At ProTech PPS provide specialist hydro testing, nitrogen / helium leak testing, pneumatic leak testing and a range of other pre-commissioning services. We recognize that verifying the integrity of systems through hydro testing is a critical activity with a safe, timely and controlled execution being key success factors.

Our team of experts are well experienced when carrying out hydrostatic activities on a wide range of new build oil, gas, petrochemical and LNG projects.

To complement our services in hydro testing we also offer a full flange management and test pack creation using our unique software SIM.

Air Blowing

The process of Air Blowing is used for both the cleaning and drying of process systems and pipe work. Our team of specialists’ carryout this post construction activity for intervention to ensure that a system is free of debris, before a decompression air blow can take place.

A detailed engineering review is undertaken to determine the optimum flow rate to achieve the desired cleanliness result, and ensure an operational flow rate is exceeded by a factor of 150%.

Once the system is pressurized to a pre-determined pressure, the system is immediately decompressed to the right atmosphere using either a rupture disk or alternatively a fast action full bore valve system. This is done through a noise reducing receiver, which acts as a filter for any debris. The decompression process continues until the required cleanliness levels have been achieved.

The decompression process continues until the required cleanliness levels have been achieved, with follow on air blowing undertaken as necessary to achieve the correct dryness.

Start-Up and Commissioning

Start-up and commissioning is part of the overall design verification, validation and operational readiness process.
This process ensures that the system meets specification and that Operations can accept responsibility for safe and efficient operation of the asset.

The process is achieved through the production and implementation of commissioning and start-up procedures which are generally witnessed and approved by offshore operations and an independent verification body. These documents can be prepared and implemented by the design team or by a 3rd party.

Our Clients

Our team have worked with some of the biggest oil and gas companies around the world.

We Are Leaders In The Oil & Gas Industry.